Sunday, March 24, 2013

2. my daily trek

I travel an hour to the uni, and spend another hour coming back. It's no fun, indeed it's not. But every time I arrive my heart sings and flutters.

Follow the escalator -

- to arrive at this magnificent round subterranean space that is open to the sky and the elements.

Take another escalator up.

Your first sight of uni is just plain messy.

But then!

This billboard is so cool. I get a kick every time. They change them, too, it's not just one design.

The University of Vienna was founded 1365, and was one of the first German-speaking universities in Europe. This building is however not the original one or even at the original location. I will go to the old place and take some photos some day.

This building was erected late 1800's, and today there are about 95 000 students calling this their Alma Mater, 60 000 women, 35 000 men. (And I am so proud to be one of them - can you tell!)

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